If you’re searching for fun birthday party ideas look no further than what Valle Vista has to offer! From games on horseback, to learning horse care/grooming, to outdoor trail rides, Valle Vista Stables has it all to make your birthday party a memorable!


$200 per hour on the Valle Vista Stables property with one pony, maximum 10 kids

$300 per hour at your house with one pony, maximum 10 kids


Having a horseback riding party is one of the most fun birthday party ideas out there. Come see for yourself! Call Valle Vista Stables now.

Kids Birthday Party at Valle Vista Stables

At Valle Vista Stables, we host fun and exciting birthday horse parties for older children. We want your children to experience a birthday horse party that they will never stop talking about and leave you with a memory you will never forget. Valle Vista Stables provides professional and safe horse rides for children. Choosing Valle Vista’s kids birthday party will prove one of the best birthday ideas you’ve thought of!

We provide flexibility for birthday parties to ensure everyone feels their best and is comfortable on the special day. We offer two options that includes the party coming to Valle Vista Stables, or we bring the pony/horse to your place! This really depends on what you want – do you want to be in the comfort of your own home and have cake and gifts there and come outside to experience the horses, or would you prefer having the full ranch party experience at the barn surrounded by hay, horses, the arena, etc.?

Your children will have the opportunity to have a unique experience of riding and grooming a friendly horse. They will have the best horse kids birthday party they’ve always dreamed of.

Included in the kids birthday party package is a grooming session with one of our ponies and each child gets to ride a pony and have a fun lesson.


Guidelines to follow:

  • Long pants to prevent chaffing are recommended.
  • All riders must wear appropriate footwear, preferably a boot with low heel. Absolutely no sandals allowed.
  • Helmets are recommended. If you have a helmet please bring it with you.
  • Children under 18 must wear a helmet – no helmet – no riding – no exceptions. Helmets are provided at the ranch.
  • The BC climate brings varying weather at all times of the year. Please come prepared with raincoat, gloves, hat, extra sweater.
  • Other essentials could include: bug spray, sun screen and sun glasses depending on the season.
  • Please show up on time.
  • Have FUN!