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We offer several horse services in Victoria, BC. You’ve come to the right place for horseback riding lessons, trail rides, camps, boarding, and more! Call us NOW!





Valle Vista Stables is a top equestrian facility located on Lochside Dr, Central Saanich, BC. It offers a safe, and friendly environment for your horse, for horse riding lessons, camps, trail rides, birthday parties, and more.  If you are searching for horse boarding, a horse lease, or horseback riding lessons for all level horses and riders, Valle Vista Stables in Victoria is proud to offer these and more!

Our company provides a well-equipped equestrian facility where the horse and rider can work simultaneous to achieve a desired goal.   Riders of all ages and proficiency levels can be accommodated, so whether you have never ridden before or you are an experienced rider, Valle Vista Stables will ensure you reach your equestrian dreams and goals.

Horseback riding lessons Victoria BC are given in our stable’s outdoor pen. Trail rides take place down the beautiful Lochside Trail.

Riders should dress appropriately for the weather. Each rider is required to wear long fitted pants, certified helmets and proper riding footwear that has a heel.


If under the age of 19, student must have a parent or guardian sign a consent form provided by Valle Vista Stables.


At Valle Vista Stables, we adore each and every horse and we happily invite you to join us in learning to appreciate everything they are and what they offer. Whether you want to learn how to ride horses, or have a desire to learn and understand more about them, we have qualified instructors at our Victoria horse stables to provide the perfect horseback riding lessons for you.


Partial boarding means bedding, feed and hay are provided, and the boarder is responsible for the horse’s daily care routine. Full boarding includes everything, the extra staff is needed to assist as duties would require more work and attention.

If you are interested in horse boarding Victoria BC contact us for information.


Valle Vista Stables offers the option to lease horses. This is a great way to save on costs while still having reliable access to your leased horse.

You can get everything you want – whether you want to leisurely ride the horse on your own schedule, or train as an accomplished athlete, all at a low cost per month!


Go for Trail rides Victoria BC!  Basque in Lochside Trail’s gorgeous beauty, release your daily stress and allow our highly experienced equestrian guides take you on a trail you won’t forget. Our rides are flexible and we accommodate new riders and experienced ones.

No matter your level of riding we have the right horse for you. Our small, personal groups are perfect for both experienced and first-time riders. 


Join us for a fun ride in a safe environment! Valle Vista Stables camps are designed to teach all aspects of horsemanship from horse care to riding skills.

During this action-packed riding camp, your child will learn proper and safe handling of horses. Riders will learn everything from proper horse handling, correct body position, plus mounting and dismounting.


What better way to celebrate your birthday on the back of a horse with all your friends! Valle Vista Stables offers this option for kids’ birthday parties.


Our horses/ponies are suitable for any age of beginner riders.   We also have an area if you would like to continue your celebration indoors for presents and cake. 



Benefits of Horseback Riding Victoria BC


Many who are not familiar with horses might not realize that there are several health benefits from simply being around horses and horseback riding. Not only is horse riding physically beneficial, it also provides mental and even spiritual health benefits.

Riding horses has shown to help those suffering from depression. Riding horses provides good physical all-body exercise. And some argue that by riding horses, they make a connection between themselves, the horse, and the environment around them, resulting in a somewhat spiritual experience.


Physical Benefits of Horseback Riding 

Strengthened muscles

Horseback riding helps maintain strength and targets specific muscle groups such as obliques and abdominals to keep proper posture and balance on the horse’s back. Additional muscles are used such as muscles in the back, chest, inner thighs, and even the pelvis is strengthened.

One way to collect your horse or to slow it down is to sit up tall in the saddle, contract your abs, and slow your hip movement. Show jumpers and eventers use their core strength when jumping fences, mostly to sit up and steady the horse’s pace in order to meet the jump correctly.

Improved coordination

Horseback riding consists of various simultaneous movements in order for the rider to maintain proper posture while guiding the horse.

Improved posture

Since abdominal and lower back muscles are heavily used for maintaining good horseback riding posture this sport is a great method to improve the rider’s own posture for everyday life.


Mental Benefits of Horseback Riding

Relieved stress

If you want a relaxing activity due to the natural rhythm of the horse’s trot Horseback riding Victoria BC is a great choice. The gentle bouncing motion tends to improve circulation and promote relaxation in the rider. This calming physical effect is intensified even more as the rider is surrounded by nature and the outdoors while getting physical exercise; both of which have stress-relieving tendencies.

Improved mood

Horseback riding is known to positively affect the rider’s mood.  The release of the mood-enhancing hormone, serotonin, which contributes to feelings of happiness occurs while spending time with animals, such as horses.


Riding and just being around horses have tremendous psychological benefits. Research shows that horse riding, working them on the ground, or just being around them provides a calming effect. Your breathing slows, your mind clears, you talk more softly, your motions slow down, and overall you feel more relaxed.

Grooming your horse, horseback riding, or leading them while enjoying nature all around you on a bright sunny day – all give you a sense of well-being and happiness. The happier you are, the more you are able to deal with life’s challenges.

Of course, you can use riding to set and achieve goals as another way to boost your outlook on life. Whether it’s jumping a tougher course, riding out of an arena for the first time, or cantering on the correct lead – whatever goals you set for riding can motivate you to become a better rider plus make more of a connection with your horse.


Spiritual experiences in life are very personal and individual. Keep in mind that a horse is a living and breathing animal, as well as you are. Some horse owners and riders connect in a special way, creating an everlasting bond with their horse. Some are able to open themselves up to create another level of connectedness with their horse say that they describe as truly spiritual. On a conscious, or unconscious level the horse and rider are able to sense each other’s thoughts and feelings.


Great experience here! We love Terry, the owner – he’s a genuine and knowledgeable guy! The horses were all so lovely and we went on amazing scenic trails. After my horse ride with Valle Vista Stables, all my stress from the week simply dissipated. It’s a great stress reliever. Everything about this place rocks! Coming back here for sure.

Ruby Skinner

Terry is great!! I brought my daughter here for a lesson after she already did a summer horse riding camp somewhere else. At Valle Vista Stables she learned more in one session with Terry than a full week at another horse riding camp! You can tell Terry really cares about the child’s learning progress and he is very genuine overall. My daughter only wants to see Terry now (lol) she refuses to learn at another stable. Great place to really learn how to ride while having fun!

Leonie Munoz

My mother passed away and one of the last things on her bucket list was to go horseback riding. The awesome people from this ranch were more than accommodating in taking her ashes in a backpack for a trail ride for me. I will never forget their kindness. Thank you so much.

Sean Maguire - Local Guide

Valle Vista Offers It All!

Whether you are a beginner rider or a highly experienced rider Valle Vista Stables provides all your equestrian needs. Our horseback riding lessons will give you the confidence and enjoyment that every rider seeks – especially when they first begin riding.  At a higher level, we aim to get a rider’s posture, and technique down perfectly. We also strive to advance their skill level and performance even more.

When summer hits and your kids have nothing to do, or maybe you have no babysitter available for a week or more – no problem! Send them to Valle Vista Stables’ full or half day horseback riding camps! Every skill level is welcome.

Have you run out of birthday party ideas for your child’s party? Do you want to do something FUN and UNIQUE for their big day? Valle Vista Stables is just the place for you child to host their birthday party. For more details and rates visit the birthday party page. We are flexible with location – whether the party take place at Valle Vista Stables or your own home and we offer very reasonable prices for an amazing time that your child will hold in their memory for years to come!


Let's get going!


Valle Vista Stables

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